As the owner of Flavorfull by Aiyana Jean Food Haus & Catering Services, Chef Jap’s path to success is a tale of passion for cooking intertwined with the pursuit of quality, a journey that found its most significant ally in Fresh Options Meatshop.


This partnership with Fresh Options, a flagship of RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc., marks a union of shared values: a commitment to excellence, innovation, and an unwavering focus on quality.

Chef Jap’s journey into the culinary realm began with a childhood fascination for cooking, nurtured by her uncle’s guidance. The transformation of simple ingredients into a beloved family dish, kare-kare, marked her entry into the world of culinary arts. This meal, perfected over years of practice, became the banner dish of her catering business, embodying her dedication to flavor and quality.

The establishment of her catering business in 2009 was a leap of faith, rooted in Chef Jap’s passion for cooking and her entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with a modest capital of P50,000, she ventured into catering with the encouragement of her community, embarking on a journey that would grow beyond her wildest dreams.

Her first clients, including catering for the local municipality and eventually becoming an official caterer for SM City Pampanga, laid the foundation for a thriving business.

A Culinary Partnership Built on Shared Values

The Meat of the Matter: Turning to Fresh Options

After positioning her business in the catering industry, Chef Jap turned her attention to something crucial that all catering companies face: sourcing meats. Her journey from sourcing meats at local markets to partnering with Fresh Options underscores a pivotal lesson in culinary quality.

Initially, the unpredictability of meat quality from local markets presented challenges. Variations in freshness, texture, and preparation needs were frequent, affecting the consistency of her dishes, particularly noticeable with chicken, which often appeared watery and lacked the firmness essential for her signature dishes.

The transition to Fresh Options marked a significant shift. Here, meats were consistently fresh, with a distinct difference in texture and flavor. Chickens were plump and firm, devoid of excess water, while pork and beef offered tenderness and a uniform cooking experience.

Kahit i-freeze ko yung meat ng ilang weeks, bright and fresh pa rin siya,” (Even if I freeze the meat for several weeks, it still remains bright and fresh,) she said.

This not only elevated the quality of her catering offerings but also streamlined the preparation process, contributing to a more efficient operation.

Yung meat, especially sa pork, mas tender, kaya mas mabilis lutuin,” (The meat, especially with pork, is more tender, so it cooks faster,) she mentioned.

Moreover, Chef Jap found that despite the premium price, the value delivered by Fresh Options—through enhanced flavors, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency—far outweighed the cost differences. This shift to Fresh Options wasn’t just a business decision; it was a commitment to excellence and a testament to the importance of quality ingredients, especially fresh meats, in the culinary world.

Nung nag-Fresh Options ako, kahit na hindi ko muna i-steam or kung if-freeze ko muna yung meat, kahit gaano katagal, ang sarap,” (When I tried Fresh Options, even if I don’t steam it first or if I freeze the meat, no matter how long, it’s delicious,) she shared.

Feedback from clients, praising the softness and juiciness of the meats, further validated her choice.

However, Chef Jap’s journey was not without challenges, from managing the logistics of food transportation to ensuring the freshness of ingredients amidst the hustle and bustle of catering events.

The reliability and consistency of Fresh Options, from efficient delivery service to innovative product offerings, like sisig products and thigh fillets, helped Chef Jap surpassed these hurdles, enabling her to deliver exceptional culinary experiences time and again.

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A Culinary Partnership Built on Shared Values

The relationship between Chef Jap and Fresh Options extends beyond the supply of meats. It’s a partnership founded on shared values of quality, integrity, and innovation. Fresh Options’ dedication to excellence, from state-of-the-art facilities to commitment to good customer service, mirrors Chef Jap’s own ethos.

Ang secret recipe ko talaga sa catering ko is the quality,” (My real secret recipe in my catering is the quality,) she said.

Chef Jap’s first plant tour at the central depot of Fresh Options left a lasting impression, reinforcing her confidence in the quality of the meats she uses. Understanding the meticulous process behind its products, from farm to table, deepened her trust in Fresh Options, ensuring that her dishes maintain the highest standards of quality.

Ngayon na nakita ko na [yung plant], mas lalo akong mapapabili ng meats from Fresh Options,” (Now that I’ve seen [the plant], I’ll be even more compelled to buy meats from Fresh Options,) she shared.

Today, Chef Jap’s company is more than a catering service; it’s a beacon of culinary excellence that stands testament to the power of passion, quality, and innovation. Her story is a vivid illustration of how the right ingredients, coupled with a dedication to quality and excellence, can transform a simple dish into a masterpiece.

As her catering business continues to evolve, the lessons of resilience, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of quality and excellence remain central to its identity.

Together, Chef Jap and Fresh Options forge ahead, crafting not just meals, but experiences that linger on the palate and in the heart, embodying the true essence of culinary artistry.

In every bite of Chef Jap’s delicious food, one tastes not just the freshness of the meats from Fresh Options but the essence of a dream realized—a dream where quality is the key ingredient, and excellence is the ultimate reward.

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About Fresh Options Meatshop

It was on April 1, 2005 that Dr. Robert H. Lo, Founder and CEO of RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc., opened his first Fresh Options Meatshop inside a small supermarket in Angeles City. After 19 years, this chain of stand-alone meat shops continues to provide customers with fresh meats and value-added meat products that are safe and clean.  Fresh Options can be found in Tuguegarao, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Zambales, Bataan, Pampanga, Bulacan, Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna. Visit its online store at