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RDF is a company-owned and company-operated (co-co) agri-food enterprise. It has integrated its production systems and processes into a cohesive supply chain over the years. Each and every step is supervised by experts, who ensure the safety and quality of products at all points of distribution. Our supply chain comprises different aspects that include the flow of products, facilities and technologies, and the financial capital required to manage and encourage our workforce to produce high-quality meat products.

Our Business Model

The integration begins at the feedmill, which manufactures and supplies high quality feeds solely for the nutritional requirements of all the company’s broiler and swine farms. At the farm level, our veterinarians closely monitor the health of animals. They also conduct breeding and genetics improvement programs to improve productivity and efficiency. To further ensure the efficiency of our production systems, our company also operates an in-house, export-grade abattoir, a triple A (AAA) meat-cutting plant and a meat-processing plant, which are all located in one site. This also assures consumers that all fresh meats and value-added meat products are processed and produced under hygienic conditions – clean, safe and fit for human consumption. And to keep the products fresh, safe and clean, we also manage our own logistical services that transport meat products through the cold chain delivery system to our meat shops and restaurants.
In our meat shops, all products are displayed in upright chillers to allow even circulation of air to maintain optimum temperature. And to avoid cross contamination, each meat type has a designated chiller. We also implement First-In First-Out and First-To-Expire First Out to keep track of aging products. Moreover, we invest heavily on training our people in the areas of food safety, current Good Manufacturing Practice, personal hygiene and customer service. And most of all, we make sure that all employees and production facilities adhere to all local and international standards for food safety.

RDF’s holistic farm-to-table approach has resulted in making our operations more efficient. By streamlining our production systems, we are able to diversify markets and address gaps in our supply chain through innovation and creating value-added solutions.

Throughout the company’s history, we have established many different businesses and we continue to manage their operations until today. Our businesses can be classified into four main divisions: Poultry, Swine, Meat Retail and Distributorship, and Food and Beverage.


A. Poultry

Our poultry division involves production of broiler chicken, table eggs, and certain heritage breeds.
1. Broiler Chicken Production.RDF has 13 broiler farms that are spread out in Pampanga, Tarlac, and Pangasinan. At our farms, we strictly implement an “all-in, all-out” system to ensure that proper downtime and rest period are achieved. 

All of our boiler farms also adopt a holistic approach in flock production. From the breed of choice, feeds, housing husbandry, and health care management, we carefully select what we use in order to produce high quality meats. Chickens are raised from 28 to 34 days in a smart climate-control housing system where exposure to extreme levels of environmental temperature is minimized. We also employ a “no brooding concept,where artificial heaters are not used. Instead, feed energy levels are elevated and a system of brooding is established to lessen cold stress in chicks. To further ensure the health of broilers and protect them from diseases, we conduct regular health profiling and we design a customized vaccine and medicine program in all of our farms.  

2. Egg Production.The layer farm is located in Barangay San Pablo in Magalang, Pampanga. This farm houses 4,500 Dekalb Brown and 700 Dekalb White chickens. This farm has an average daily production of 4,800 eggs. This ready-to-lay farm production began in May 2020.

3. Heritage Chicken Production. The heritage farm is a breed-grow-lay type of farm that is located in Porac, Pampanga. This farm strives to cultivate a type of chicken breed that can offer home-grown meat. At present, a combination of native, heritage, and enhanced breeds are reared in the farm. Our heritage fam has a total of 1,500 birds, which is still considered to be a backyard-scale operation.


B. Swine

All of our company’s farms use modern and innovative production technologies for temperature control, automated feeding systems, multi-site productions, artificial insemination, and biogas. RDF currently has four pig farms that have integrated breeding, farrowing, and fattening operations. They are all located in four different strategic areas in Central Luzon. 

The broiler and swine farms supply the meat requirements of RDF’s own meats shops and restaurants.  

C. Meat Retail and Distributorship

1. Fresh Options Meatshop. This is RDF’s brand of meat shop that offers fresh meats – chicken, pork, and beef; and a wide selection of high-quality, value-added meat products. Fresh Options stores can be found in Tuguegarao, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Zambales, Bataan, Pampanga, Bulacan, Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna. Fresh Options also has an online store that can be accessed through www.freshoptions.ph.
2. General Trade. Through independent distributors. wet markets and sari-sari stores in some areas in Luzon sell Rapsarap. It is RDF’s brand of value-added meat products that includes chicken nuggets, chicken drumettes, embutido, longganisa, and siomai.

3. Modern Trade. Selected supermarkets in Luzon sell other home-grown brands of RDF such as Delibite and Our Farms, in addition to Rapsarap.

D. F&B

Presently, RDF owns and manages two restaurants.
1. Roberto’s is a Western-inspired casual dining restaurant that serves mostly chicken, pork and beef dishes from salads to rice meals, burgers and pizzas. For customers who prefer to stay at home, Roberto’s offers free delivery service. The resto is located at Barangay Dolores in San Fernando, Pampanga.

2. Hot Kitchen by Fresh Options was conceptualized for people in urban areas, who have fast-paced lifestyle and those who have no time to cook. Customers can go to Hot Kitchen for ready-to-heat and ready-to-cook products; and home-cooked foods. Hot Kitchen has dine in and take out delivery service via Food Panda and Grab at the following locations:

  • Quezon City – Sun Mall-Mayon Ave., SMDC M Place- Panay, Ave., Grass Residences-Bago Bantay, Mezza Residences Tower 1-Araneta Ave.
  • Mandaluyong City – SMDC Light Mall- EDSA cor. Pioneer St.
  • Taguig City- Grace Residences- Cayetano Blvd., Bgy. Ususan