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RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc.

RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. or simply, RDF, is a company-owned and company-operated agri-food enterprise in the Philippines. We manage various modern poultry and swine farms that are located in the flourishing cities of Pampanga and Tarlac in Central Luzon; and industrial facilities such as a feed mill, slaughterhouse, a Triple-A (AAA) meat-cutting plant, and a meat processing plant; and Fresh Options Meat Shop, a chain of stand-alone meat shops, which offers high-quality fresh meats and value-added meat products.

At RDF, quality is a way of life. We believe that continuous innovation and creativity in all of our business processes will lead our company to greater heights. Through this, we can fulfill our mission of providing high quality meat products that adhere to globally-accepted standards of food safety.

Our Vision and Mission


Authority When It Comes to Quality!

We are respected as a trusted partner and preferred provider of high-quality fresh meats and value-added food products and services in all the markets we serve.

Product Excellence

We bring the highest quality food products that are distinctive and innovative…

Process Efficiency

We perform optimally and operate cost-effectively through continuous process…

People Competence

We create, encourage, and maintain a fun working environment that supports, develops…


We optimize our business results by promoting teamwork and professionalism across our organization.

Social Commitment

We uphold our social commitment in our relentless pursuit of providing high-quality food products …


RDF currently has four pig farms that have integrated breeding, farrowing, and fattening operations. They are all located in four different strategic areas in Central Luzon.



Our poultry division involves production of broiler chicken, table eggs, and certain heritage breeds.

Meat Retail and Distributorship

Offers fresh meats - chicken, pork, and beef; and a wide selection of high-quality, value-added meat products.

Meat Retail and Distributorship


Dine in restaurants that serve mostly chicken, pork and beef dishes from salads to rice meals, burgers and pizzas.