Timeline of Our Company’s Journey

To truly understand our company’s goals and purpose, one must first become aware of RDF’s colorful history. Throughout all the milestones and challenges, we have always moved forward, continuing to plan for our bright future. The company’s story begins in 1983, when our President and CEO, Dr. Robert H. Lo, finished his degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine in UP Diliman.

• After graduation, Doc Robert taught Food Animal and Epidemiology at his alma mater.
• Upon the advice of his father, he put up his first business, the St. Francis Animal Clinic in Tandang Sora in Quezon City. Later on, he put up his second business, which was quail farming. After two years, he closed shop because of the seasonality of quail eggs.

• Doc Robert was accepted at UC Davis to pursue his master’s degree so he applied for a US Visa. Unfortunately, he was denied.

• Along with three other veterinarians, Doc Robert ventured into contract growing for SMC. He rented a farm near Tulaoc area in San Simon in Pampanga

• Doc Robert registered Red Dragon Farm with DTI as its sole proprietor.
• With additional capital from his mother, Doc Robert put up his own farm (with 60K capacity) at Bgy. Dolores in Bacolor, Pampanga and a second farm at Bgy. Maliwalu, also in Bacolor (with 72K capacity), which is three kilometers away from Bgy. Dolores.

• Lara 1 farm was put up.

• Lara 2 farm was set up and while it was undergoing construction, Mt, Pinatubo erupted that hit the town of Bacolor in Pampanga.

• Doc Robert built a farm in Magalang in Pampanga, knowing that this area would not be hit by lahar.
• He ventured into commercial growing and bought feeds and chicks from giant integrators. Because of substandard feeds, Doc Robert mixed his own feeds, “pala-pala” way, and later on, bought a vertical feed mixer as he put up more farms in Porac in Pampanga.

• Maliwalu farm was hit by lahar.

• Because of rampant smuggling of chicken leg quarters in Clark, Doc Robert lost P10 M in one month. However, he was able to recover his losses in 4 or 5 months after the situation had normalized.
• Along with other colleagues, Doc Robert founded United Broilers and Raisers Association or UBRA and lobbied for the interests of the poultry industry.

• Typhoon Reming caused remobilized lahar that devastated Dolores farm.

• Doc Robert bought a piggery farm thru a loan facility from Metrobank and DBP and set up his piggery business, E-Pig.
• He started employing veterinarians to help him steer the company in the right direction.

• Lodestar Feedmill and Veterinary Products was established.

•Doc Robert enrolled at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati City for Master in Entrepreneurship.

• Doc Robert launched his first Fresh Options Meatshop at SPC, a supermarket in Angeles City in Pampanga; and seven (7) more stores opened before the year ended.

• Dr. Celso “Ogie” Molina and other consultants for Finance, Production, QA and Research & Development joined RDF; and this paved the way for the restructuring of the company.
• The company’s first production sites opened at L&S Subdivision and Bgy. Dolores in San Fernando, which served as storage areas for slaughtered animals.
• The central depot in Porac became operational.

• Typhoon Ondoy caused flooding of Fresh Options stores in NCR (Valenzuela City, Retiro in QC and Greenhills in San Juan).

• The company’s F&B group was formed.

• All businesses of Doc Robert were merged under one corporation. Red Dragon Farm was changed to RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc.
• A swine breeder farm was inaugurated in San Jose, Tarlac.

• A new logo of Fresh Options Meatshop was unveiled.

• The first store of Hot Kitchen by Fresh Options opened in Taguig City.

• A new corporate building was built at Bgy. Lara in San Fernando in Pampanga.
• Roberto’s Coffee and Tea (RCT) opened at Bgy. Dolores in San Fernando in Pampanga.
• RDF Abattoir was inaugurated in Porac.

• Certification of ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems for Feedmill.
• Certification of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for pork products.
• The first Fresh Options Meatshop Marketplace (FOMP) opened in Bgy. Dolores in San Fernando.
• Hydroponics farm was built in Porac to supply the vegetable requirements of FOMP.

• Certification of Good Animal Husbandry Practice (GAHP) for all broiler and swine farms by the Bureau of Animal Industry.
• Triple A (AAA) Certification for slaughterhouse and meat cutting plant by the Bureau of Animal Industry.

The slaughterhouse and meat-cutting plant located in Porac in Pampanga passed the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000 v5.1) requirements by BSI, a leading food safety and certification provider. The certification covered the following: 1. slaughtering of hogs, 2. fabrication of chilled pork and beef carcasses, and 3. processing of perishable animal products.